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Celebrating International Women’s Day: #InspireInclusion with Lucy Postins, Founder and Chief Integrity Officer at The Honest Kitchen

As we approach International Women's Day, we take a moment to reflect on the journey of women in various spheres of life, especially in the professional world. Today, we shine a spotlight on our Founder and Chief Integrity Officer, Lucy Postins, and how she works to #InspireInclusion at The Honest Kitchen and beyond.

Creating an Inclusive Culture

Lucy’s first role out of college was with a female-founded company that set the tone for understanding equity and inclusion in the workplace.

“Everyone who worked there got treated the same, regardless of gender, and I was a beneficiary of that by being able to advance my career in the 5 years I worked there even though both my direct bosses were men.”

When she ventured into entrepreneurship, she knew she wanted to create a company culture that doesn’t only treat all genders equally, but also celebrates their differences and the ways they contribute to the work environment.

“There’s sometimes a tendency for women to think they need to act more like men to do well. I believe the opposite is true. Resilience, intuition, instinct, a nurturing mindset, an appreciation for the big picture, empathy in communication, and multi-tasking are all characteristics that I see every day in my female coworkers! I am truly grateful for the many incredible women I’m fortunate to work alongside at The Honest Kitchen, the ways they show up, and for everything they bring to the table!”

To mark International Women's Day, we’ve also asked women within The Honest Kitchen to share their thoughts on #InspireInclusion and more.

As a new mom, my managers have definitely worked to #InspireInclusion upon my return—offering support and flexibility and making me feel like my voice is just as valuable at the company now as ever before.

Alex R., Senior Marketing Manager

#InspireIncusion in Investment

In her personal life, Lucy plays a key role advocating for women in business. Knowing only 2.1% of venture capital funding in 2022 went to female founders, she became a pro bono mentor with Ad Astra Ventures, which helps support women founders in their quest for funding and getting their businesses off the ground.

“Data has shown that it’s human nature for investors to want to place their money with ‘like’ individuals. And since the majority of investors are white males, most funding also ends up with white males. That’s why I’m proud to drive change and be a small part of the solution, which needs to happen at the macro level.”

Some of the founders she mentors have started incredible businesses, including:

  • BAM, a producer of delicious gluten free plant-based milk made from buckwheat.
  • Cooler Heads , the creator of an incredible Cold Cap Therapy system that helps chemotherapy patients maintain their hair,
  • Reliabl, which helps platforms transition to community-driven data management that supports inclusivity, and

#InspireInclusion at Home 

As a mother of two daughters, Lucy’s vision extends beyond the boardroom.

“I hope their generation is the beneficiary of a more equal, balanced workforce where everyone is treated the same and given an equal opportunity to grow and succeed, regardless of their gender.”

While she hopes to inspire her daughters, they often end up inspiring her.

“My youngest daughter leads the feminist club at her high school and I’m always so inspired by her perspective and insight in the way her generation thinks about female empowerment.”

She also acknowledges the difficulty of being a working mother – in fact, she founded her company less than two years before her eldest daughter was born! Her advice for working mothers?

“Maintaining a balance and ensuring there are dividing lines, to the extent possible, between your work life and family life is crucial. This is definitely a challenge for an entrepreneur because starting a business really is all-consuming!”

As we celebrate International Women's Day and embrace the theme of #InspireInclusion, we hope that Lucy’s story serves as inspiration for how you provide an equal path to progression for women in your workplace and beyond.

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