Whole Food Clusters Beef, Turkey & Oat Recipe Discontinuation

Whole Food Clusters Beef, Turkey & Oat Recipe Discontinuation

Dear Customers,

In an effort to deliver only the best possible products to your pets, we have decided to reformulate our Whole Food Clusters Beef, Turkey & Oat recipe. Our new iteration of this recipe will remove Turkey, as supply chain challenges and production inefficiencies have made this recipe difficult to produce.

While we work on whipping up this new recipe and ensuring it is entirely complete and balanced for your pup, we will be discontinuing our current Whole Food Clusters Beef, Turkey & Oat recipe.

What this means is that you can expect very limited availability online and in-store over the next 1-2 months while we sell the last of our remaining inventory of this recipe. 

We can expect the new recipe to be available in the summer of 2023. In the meantime, we encourage you to try one of our many other recipe options. A few suggestions below:

Please also note that all of our grain free recipes were part of an in-home AAFCO feeding trial that included echocardiograms to support that our foods provide overall health and nutritional adequacy in dogs. Learn more here.

If you prefer grain-inclusive recipes that include beef, we suggest either our Whole Grain Beef or Gourmet Grain Beef & Salmon dehydrated recipes.

Additionally, we offer both a quiz and product consultations with our HonestExperts to help find the best recipe for your pet.

We appreciate your understanding and hope that this transition to a new recipe formulation will ultimately provide our customers with an improved Whole Food Clusters experience!

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