Hello & Welcome!

I started The Honest Kitchen in my own kitchen, back in 2002. At the time, it was just me and my beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback, Mosi, mixing up fresh ingredients and trying out recipes together.

Mosi had frequent ear infections and skin problems. I knew that improving his diet could play a big role in helping him feel better. But there was nothing on the market that offered a healthy, whole-food solution — at least nothing easy enough to prepare and store. So I decided to make it myself, using human-grade, dehydrated ingredients.

When I saw amazing results in Mosi, I realized that other pets could benefit, too. That’s when it all started evolving into a company. The first order of business was to make sure the products were meaningfully different and tangibly better, than regular old-fashioned pet food that most people were used to. Being Human Grade was the logical (but not necessarily simple!) answer.

I set about finding an entire supply chain of 100% human edible ingredients – right down to the vitamins and minerals, and then started meeting with human food producers and eventually convinced one to blend my pet food invention in their facility!

Human Grade wasn’t a recognized standard back in those days, so I had to overcome a number of regulatory hurdles in order to keep the words Human Grade on the product labels – even taking the Ohio Department of Agriculture to court, and eventually winning the right to commercial free speech!

Almost twenty years later, we have a full line of products to meet a variety of needs for all kinds of pets. Our loyal fan base of passionate pet lovers continue to inspire us to create safer, healthier and higher-quality options everyday – all rooted in being Human Grade, and gently prepared to maintain the natural goodness in our pristine raw ingredients.

No matter how popular we become or how many products we offer, we’ll never move away from my original promise — to bring the highest quality standards of ‘people food’ to foods made for pets. It’s something we call “The Honest Difference.”


Lucy Postins

Founder & Chief Integrity Officer