Home Remedies For Preventing and Treating Hot Spots On Your Dog

You may be dealing with hot spots on dogs (or moist dermatitis) in your home and wondering what to do about it. You’ve come to the right place to learn more on the topic.  After reviewing the following... more

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How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth [+ 7 Tips to Naturally Keep Them Healthy]

Do you want to keep your dog’s teeth healthy? Maybe you are concerned, because you have noticed your dog’s teeth getting a little yellow and you want to make sure that they don’t experience problems chewing or... more

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dog yogurt
Dogs and Yogurt: Can They Have It? And How Much?

Yogurt has gone a long way from being an edgy health food! Today, you will find yogurts in the fridge in most households. When you consider the fact that yogurts are so delicious and provide numerous benefits for... more


Dog licking a KONG toy
The 3 Best Ways to Stuff a KONG

Our cowoofers love a stuffed KONG! And there are many reasons we love to serve them. They're a great way to keep your pet entertained while treating them to something healthy and delicious. Plus, they serve as a great... more

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dog banana
Can Dogs Eat Bananas? Yes, In Moderation

If you are a dog parent, you have quickly learned that certain fruits and vegetables - such as onions, garlic, mushrooms, avocados, and grapes - are toxic and dangerous for your dog. So, it is only natural to be wary... more

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The Honest Kitchen is Now a Public Benefit Corporation

We’re proud to announce that The Honest Kitchen has recently re-incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation! This means we’ve elected to modify our corporate legal structure to formally, publicly commit to higher... more

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