Meet founder & Chief Integrity Officer Lucy Postins

 Lucy Postins founded The Honest Kitchen in 2002 With $7,000, and a beach cottage kitchen, she built the world’s first human grade pet food company. Seventeen years later, our products are distributed in over 5,000... more

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What Causes Hair Loss and What to Do About It

Unless it’s spring and Fido is shedding, it can be disconcerting to see that your dog is losing lots of hair. In dogs, alopecia usually indicates something’s wrong—whether that means a skin issue or an underlying... more

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Tips to Help Handle Your Cat’s Stinky Breath

A cat’s breath isn't meant to smell minty fresh... But that doesn’t mean it should smell like a dead tuna washed up on the beach. If your cat’s breath is enough to make you faint, it might be time to remedy the... more


DIY Slip Leash
Make Your Own DIY Emergency Slip Leashes

Slip leashes are perfect to have around for when you need a leash quick. A friend recently got a new dog. He's about 8 months old, medium sized, and of unknown ancestry. He's an all American with probably quite a few... more

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Video: Dog Singing and Playing Piano

Meet Buddy Mercury! Not only can he sing, but he plays the piano as well. Buddy, a rescue dog, even has an album on iTunes, and the proceeds from sales benefit animal rescues. The bow tie is an especially nice... more

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    An Update on Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)

    WHAT DO WE KNOW (AND NOT KNOW) SO FAR? In July 2018, the FDA announced it was investigating whether or not there is a link between grain free diets, low taurine, and the suspected increased occurrence of Dilated... more