Meet founder & Chief Integrity Officer Lucy Postins

 Lucy Postins founded The Honest Kitchen in 2002 With $7,000, and a beach cottage kitchen, she built the world’s first human grade pet food company. Seventeen years later, our products are distributed in over 5,000... more

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Terrier with Winter Gear
What Gear Your Dog Needs for Snow/Rain Play This Winter

“There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” Have you heard this quote from Alfred Wainwright? Well, the same rings true for dogs—except we're talking mostly about their natural clothing, not... more

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dog begging
How to Stop Your Dog from Begging at the Table

It’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes, begging for a scrap of food from the dinner table. Sure, it’s adorable at first—those big eyes, that cute face. How can you resist throwing him a bit of food from your... more


Your Pets’ Oral Health is Critical

February was National Pet Dental Health Awareness Month. Were you even aware of that? If not, you're not alone. Many conscientious pet lovers don't take adequate care of their furry friends' teeth. Dental disease is... more

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Video: Cat Opens Door for Puppy

Not having opposable thumbs might seem like a problem, but this cat doesn’t let it stop him! He wants his puppy friend free, and something as trivial as a closed door is not going to stop him. I wonder how long it... more

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Real customers, share how their pets have become healthier and happier on our 100% human-grade diet.


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    1st Annual Honest Kitchen Product Review Awards

    Welcome to the inaugural Honest Kitchen Product Review Awards! First off, thank you to all the customers who took the time to leave reviews of our products (positive or negative) in 2018. Is your pup or kitty looking... more