New Packaging Changes Coming Your Way!

We're thrilled to unveil our new product packaging!  We think you'll find the new boxes not only beautiful, but easier to navigate.  Here are some things we'd like to share: Name Changes Part of the refresh included... more

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The Scoop on Submissive Urination

In my puppy class recently, the owner of an adorable Golden Retriever puppy expressed her frustration, "Every time I touch my puppy, he leaks urine all over himself, me, and the carpet." She said she took him outside... more

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What To Do When Your Dog Has the Blues

A happy dog is easy to spot: eyes are bright and alert. His ears are often perked, and his tail is wagging. Some dogs even seem to smile. Going home to a happy dog can erase the effects of your worst day. There's... more


Gluten-Free Apple Loaf
Gluten-Free Apple Loaf

A gluten-free apple loaf recipe that’ll make your dog drool! You’d swear it was an apple cinnamon candle burning in your kitchen. But it’s not—it's our Gluten Free Apple Loaf and it’s just for dogs. Thanks to... more

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Video: Why Dogs Have Floppy Ears

As humans have domesticated dogs, we've inadvertently changed them a bit. We've obviously messed around with breeds and such, but what about the physical qualities which make them differ from their wild counterparts?... more

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    Small 2018 Price Increase

    We pride ourselves on obtaining the best ingredients for our products and work hard to ensure that price increases on our products remain minimal.  Unfortunately, we're seeing our material and labor costs rise and, as... more