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Black Lives Matter: We’re Taking a Stand

Most days, we’re all about cute dogs & cats and a passion for good food, but today, we need to raise our hand to say, we’re with you. It’s hard to find the words to express our heartbreak for the families of... more

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How To Treat Your Dog To An In-Home Spa Day

Every dog deserves pampering, and here's how to treat him to a DIY spa day at home. One of the hip pastimes of doggy trendsetters is a trip to the latest chic dog spa. But what if you're not rolling in extra cash?... more

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Summer Dog Hacks

From ingenious ways to keep cool to sun safety tips, we've got you and your furry friend covered when it comes to enjoying the dog days of summer. Have a Pool Party Baby pools—not just for tiny little humans. To... more


elevated dog bowl
DIY Elevated Dog Bowl

Elevated dog bowls can be a great idea for some dogs. Other dogs might not need them. Most dogs simply don't care. If you're wanting to get an elevated dog bowl for your pooch but can't find one you like, make... more

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Meet Fortune, the Westminster 8″ Agility Title Winner and Honest Kitchen Pup!

She might be small but she sure is speedy! Last year, her sister Gabby took the 8" agility title at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Not to be outdone, Fortune the papillon, also fueled by Honest Kitchen food,... more

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Long Leash on Life Store front
Local Love Spotlight: Long Leash On Life

We love our local retail partners! Long Leash On Life is a longtime Honest Kitchen partnerhas been an outstanding partner to us over the years. We caught up with the owner, Norm Shrout, to see how they're navigating... more